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Nicholas, Marie & Jacob

The three churches in Greifswald's old town

The three churches in the historic old town are affectionately referred to by the people of Greifswald as "Long Nicholas", "Fat Marie" and "Little Jacob". As representatives of medieval Brick Gothic, they belong to the European Route of Brick Gothic and are of course also allowed on the Old town tour not missing, which takes visitors to Greifswald along the city's landmarks.

Cathedral of St. Nikolai

The St. Nikolai Cathedral, named after the patron saint of seafarers and merchants, is a landmark of the university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald. Its 100 m high church tower is visible far beyond the city limits and gives the church its nickname "Langer Nikolaus". As Baptistery of the famous painter Caspar David Friedrich, as Place of founding of the university 1456 and as an important example of brick Gothic, the Nikolaikirche captivates thousands of visitors every year. A visit to the cathedral library with a centuries-old collection of books from the Franciscan and Dominican monks is considered an absolute insider tip. Access is only possible on selected dates.

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Wednesday 11:00 a.m

St. Mary

The Marienkirche, popularly known as "Fat Marie", with its imposing east gable and the mighty church roof one of the largest hall churches in northern Germany. It houses a large number of valuable inventory items such as the altar designed by Schinkel's pupil Giese or the pulpit made by the Rostock cabinetmaker Joachim Mekelenburg. Another special feature of the Marienkirche is that which was built in 1866 romantic organ by Friedrich Albert Mehmel. With its 37 registers and around 2000 pipes, it is one of the largest surviving Mehmel organs in Germany. Its harmonious sound can be experienced during church services or the Greifswald Organ Summer.

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Tuesday 16 p.m
Thursday 11:00 a.m

St Jacobi

The three-aisled hall church of St. Jacobi is the smallest of the three old town churches and is nicknamed "Little Jacob". The special features of the Jacobikirche include the medieval baptismal font, the window paintings in the sanctuary and the numerous grave slabs that used to decorate the church floor and now the north and south walls.

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on request

Header photo: © Marc Waschkau